Advocate Update for HB 2389


Thank you all so much for your strong advocacy against Senate Substitute for  HB 2389!


As a result of many calls for the House to have its voice heard on  this very important issue, here’s what happened Saturday:


A motion by Representative  Rubin to adopt the Conference Committee report to “agree to disagree” on HB  2389 did NOT prevail, meaning HB 2389 will remain in Conference. The 63 “NO”  votes from the House on this motion shows strong support for allowing the House  to fully review, debate, and consider for itself, the important issues involved  in “reforming” the appeals process.


Representative Becker  (stevendotbeckerathousedotksdotgov)  , Representative Jennings  (russdotjenningsathousedotksdotgov)   and Representative Carmichael  (johndotcarmichaelathousedotksdotgov)   all  spoke regarding this bill to urge that the motion be defeated.  Please let  them know you appreciate their leadership.


Though this motion vote is encouraging and a step in the right direction, we  must remain diligent! Please contact your local representative and urge him or  her to oppose HB 2389! you can find  your representative here.


Thank you for you continued support and action!


Curtis McCarty to speak at Donnelly College!

Curtis McCarty: Death Row Exoneree Shares his experience at Donnelly College



Donnelly College and the Archdiocese of Kansas hosts a talk and discussion with Curtis McCarty who will share his experience as an Oklahoma Death Row Exoneree on Tuesday, April 8th at 6:00pm. This talk will take place at the Donnelly College Community Event Center, 608 N 18th St, KCK 66102 (parking in main campus lot).


Sentenced to death in Oklahoma for a crime he did not commit, Curtis McCarty spent over 21 years in prison – including 19 years on death row – before being exonerated in 2007. His wrongful conviction was the result of prosecutorial and forensic misconduct. Despite evidence of this misconduct, McCarty was re-convicted twice and re-sentenced to death 3 times. It took over 16 years for McCarty to secure proper DNA testing, and another 3 years to win a new trial with this evidence.


Since being exonerated, Curtis McCarty has been advocating for repeal of the death penalty all over the world. He knows first-hand the flaws in our death penalty system, and the very real possibility of a state making the biggest mistake of all: executing an innocent person.


If you have any questions please contact:

Bill Scholl – Office for Social Justice

Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas

Phone: 913-647-0317


Hope to see you there!


Action Alert – Help make the House heard on HB2389!

  The Conference Committee is still considering the next step for HB 2389 and we need you to contact them!   The House should have its voice heard on this very important issue!   Please contact Conference Commitee House members Rep. Rubin  (johnrubinhouseksgov)  , (785 296-7690); Rep. Gonzales  (ramongonzalezjrhouseksgov)  , (785 296-7500); and Rep. Pauls  (janpaulshouseksgov)  , (785 296-7657); along with your  House Representative (find your Representative here) and…

Thank you Mr. Goldstein!

  KCADP would like to extend a heartfelt Thank You! to Tom Goldstein, an Exoneree and Kansas native. Mr. Goldstein partnered with us here in his home state to help fight against House Bill 2389, a bill that advocates speeding up the appeals process in death penalty cases.   Tom Goldstein was arrested, convicted, and…

ACT NOW – HB2389 Moves to the House

  As Senate Substitute for HB 2389 (previously SB 257) moves to the House, it has been referred to a Conference Committee (three members of the House and three members of the Senate.)  The Conference Committee will hold an Informational Hearing on March 5th at 1:30 pm, in Room 152 S.   NOW is the time to take action! Please contact each member…