Calling all Advocates! Senate to vote tomorrow!

SB257HB2389 Sticker


We have confirmed that the Senate will vote tomorrow, Wednesday, February 12th, on SB257/HB2389! 


Read the facts about SB257/HB2389 here.


Please join us tomorrow at 2:30pm, in the Senate Chambers, and show your opposition to this bill!


KCADP staff will hand out stickers so the Senate will be able to see on which side of this issue we stand!


If you have not already contacted your senator, NOW is the perfect time!  Find your senator here and urge him or her to oppose this bill!


We look forward to seeing you tomorrow! If you have any questions please feel free to contact our office.


Senate to vote on SB 257/HB 2389!

SB257HB2389 Sticker


The Kansas Senate will vote on SB 257/HB 2389 very soon! Read the facts about SB257 here.  However, due to the inclement weather we have had over the last week, the Kansas Legislature is running a bit behind of schedule.  We do know that this vote will take place at 2:30pm, but unfortunately at this point, we are unable to confirm a specific date for this vote.


Once the vote is scheduled we will send you another alert, giving you plenty of time to plan to join us at the Capitol and show the Senate that we oppose this bill! Remember, you can always listen to the live proceedings at the Capitol by clicking this link then clicking on the House or Senate link under theLive Audio Broadcast heading.


We know many of you have taken the time to contact your senator to urge them to oppose this bill and we thank you! If you haven’t had the chance to contact your senator yet, NOW is the perfect time!  Find your senator here.


Please note that SB 257/HB 2389, though dealing with the issue of review and appeals in death penalty cases, does NOT affect repeal of the death penalty.


SB126, which would repeal the death penalty, had a hearing in January, and had strong and compelling testimony in favor of repeal. Senate Bill 126 is not currently scheduled for a vote, but we will keep you updated on any progress.


Please stay turned to our website and Facebook page, as we will keep you updated with the most current information!

Update on SB 257


The Kansas Senate Judiciary Committee voted on Monday January 27, 2014, to move forward SB 257, which limits the appeals process in death penalty cases.  During this process, SB 257 was “grafted” onto an available House bill and it is now referred to as HB 2389.


For all of you that attended the hearings and  contacted Senate Judiciary Chair Jeff King and any other members of the Judiciary committee, we say thank you!  But our work must continue.   Please contact your State Senator and ask him or her to stop any effort to pass HB 2389/SB 257.  You can find your senator here.


This legislation takes an already flawed death penalty and rushes the appeals process which creates an even greater risk of executing the innocent.  This practice is ill advised, expensive and unnecessary. Click here to read the facts on HB 2389/SB 257 and don’t hesitate to contact our office with any questions or feedback.


We will keep you posted on any movement, but your legislators will be at the heart of this process so please let us know what you are hearing!


SB 257: Calling all Advocates!

SB257 Sticker


This coming Monday, January 27th, the Senate Judiciary Committee plans to take up SB 257, a bill that proposes to fix the death penalty by speeding up appeals!

Join us at the Capitol, in Room 346-S, at 10:30am Monday to show your opposition to this bill! 

We want to fill the hearing room, just as we did during testimony, and let the committee know that we oppose this bill!


Look for KCADP staff when you arrive to get your SB 257 opposition sticker.

Click here to read the facts on SB 257.

If you have not already, NOW is the time to call Chairman Jeff King at 785-296-7361 and express your opposition to SB257 (you can also email him at JeffdotKingatsenatedotksdotgov  (JeffdotKingatsenatedotksdotgov)  ). In addition, click here to see if your senator sits on this committee and, if so, contact them too!


Now is NOT the time for Kansas to pass legislation that threatens innocent lives! Thank you for your continued support!


Action Alert: SB 257 Could Threaten Innocent Lives!


Thank you to everyone who came yesterday to the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on the death penalty and invited others to attend. We had a great turnout from KCADP’s membership! Now we’re turning our attention to another critical hearing this coming week.

On Tuesday, January 21, the Senate Judiciary Committee will consider the death penalty again at a hearing on SB 257. This bill is a dangerous proposal that could threaten innocent life by limiting the appeals and safeguards in capital cases. If you can make it, please come to this hearing and show your opposition to this bill:

  • WHAT: Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing on death penalty
  • WHEN: Tuesday, January 21, 10:30am
  • WHERE: Room 346S at the Capitol, 300 SW 10th Ave., Topeka

Now is an important time to call Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Jeff King at 785-296-7361 and urge him to OPPOSE SB 257 (you also can email him at JeffdotKingatsenatedotksdotgov  (JeffdotKingatsenatedotksdotgov)  ). In addition, click here to see if your senator sits on this committee and, if so, contact them too.

Here are some of the major flaws with SB 257 to share Sen. King:

  • Making other criminal cases languish in the criminal justice system is no way to fix the death penalty. Under SB 257, appeals in all cases must wait in line behind death penalty cases to receive their day in court. As a result, this proposal delays finality to victims of rapes, non-capital homicides, kidnappings, and other serious crimes. Also, individuals wrongfully convicted of non-capital crimes will spend more time in jail as their appeals are delayed.
  • The burden for proving innocence is unreasonably high. Unless a defendant proves by “clear and convincing evidence” his or her innocence, a court cannot grant relief and stop an execution according to SB 257. Meeting this high standard is difficult in court, especially in cases that lack DNA evidence. So even if it is more than likely that a defendant is innocent, that is not sufficient for a court to stop an execution.
  • Shortening appeals is dangerous given how long it often takes for evidence of innocence to emerge. SB 257 puts forward a number of provisions that would limit the time available for appeals in capital cases. These changes significantly raise the risk of executing an innocent person. Of the 143 individuals sentenced to death and later exonerated in the US since 1973, it took on average over 10 years for them to prove their innocence, and in some cases the wait was 20 or 30 years.

Please contact Sen. King at 785-296-7361 and urge him to oppose SB 257. Now is not the time for Kansas to pass legislation that likely will have the effect of threatening innocent life.

Thank you,

Mary Sloan

KCADP Executive Director